Craft: Refinishing a Storage Trunk


Again, although I don’t quite have time to do ‘craft’ projects much right now.. I always seem to make time.. even if that means, scarficing the important things like eating sleeping.

Unfortunately, my craft room is still nice and boxed up, along with my work-in-progress fabric and my beloved Victoria.

In one of my ventures last week, I was destined to turn this little gem of Micah’s into something that was worth looking at.

[Sorry for the washed out picture, operator flash error.]

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Food: Twice-baked Potatoes

I’ve been meaning to “finish-up” this post since early last week… here’s my fifth or so try!


ast Sunday, we celebrated father’s day by cooking dinner for Micah’s family. Because of the wonderful dinner, I have several recipes to share that I tired out (I love having guinea pigs that will come eat all of my “test” food!)

I have tons of other things for you as well, other than food, including a homemade bathroom rug inspired by this, a new dessert recipe and a storage trunk transformation.

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I haven’t been much for unpacking lately.

I mostly blame it on me being without internet or TV at home, so when the cable guy came last week to install my internet and cable–I was super excited about the DVR upgrade I rewarded myself with.

Lets just say I’ve been lazy, and in the past week, my DVR storage is already 35% full.  What’s a girl to do?

Back to the delicious twice-baked potatoes.

(My recipe for these potatoes were originally inspired and adapted from this recipe.)

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Food: Homemade Ricotta and Spinach Tortellini


ast night I got up the nerve to try out something I’ve always wanted to do–make homemade pasta, tortellini to be exact. This is one of those things that have been on my ever-growing to-do list, but I’ve never gotten the time courage to try.

Tell me, you’re impressed right.  The “homemade” before the “tortellini” makes me sound like a “real chef,” right?  I’ll be honest, my inspiration comes from the show Master Chef which is my favorite summertime show–I’ll save my rambling comments about that for another day, whew. But just thinking about it coming on last night (Monday night) made me excited to go home, make a nice, home cooked meal, and watch the latest episode (which turned out to be a re-run, but don’t worry I’m not bitter.)

I set my mind to the task at hand and I tackled it–and it was a complete success.  I will say, that the mixture in my bowl in the first picture looks a little scary, but the pasta turned out delicious, and next time I make the recipe (yes, there will be a next time) I will make a few changes (I’ll share those at the end of the post).

The tortellini wasn’t too bad, I even had time to make a quick dessert!

In all honesty, I had been putting this little feat off because I didn’t have a pasta machine, but it wasn’t too bad without one. But, if your planning for Christmas early and want to know what to get me? Presto!

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Craft: Hand made greeting cards


here are a few things that you should know about me.

First, I am cheap, I mean, I like to save money where I can.

Second, I have a small case of OCD.  So in my mind, greeting cards (or birthday cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards) go with gifts.  Especially when you’re going to an event and someone needs to know who the gifts from–and lets just say it’s tacky to simply sign  your name on the outside of the bag….

That’s where this blog post is going… I’ll give you ideas on how to make simple greeting cards, that will fit any occasion and will fit your budget!

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Craft: Hand Embroidered Bags


‘ve been super busy, between moving, still starting/continuing about 80 billion other craft ideas and trying to keep up on my blog.  Honestly, I wanted to write this post last night, but I chose sleep–It is the most important time of the day, afterall.

Anywho, I figure I’ll give you a quick rundown of everything I’m working on… (I honestly think it’s more for my sanity and organization than it is for you to worry about… but it also gives you a little sneaky peek!)
-I’m making my first shirt, which I made a pattern from scratch. (Inspired by this.)
-A quilted overnight bag with uber cute fabric. (Made using this pattern.)
-My oldest nephews quilt, as previously blogged about, here.

-I’m working on making this super cute floor pillows for my new townhouse (Inspired by this.)

…and don’t worry. I’m still cooking away!  (Except for this week… it’s focused on the move so I’ll be making quick-microwaveable-meals, I’m sure. However, I do have stuff in the fridge for another breakfast-for-dinner feast. Annnnnd I just may whip up some of this to complete the feast!).

Ok. Now that I’m organized you’re up-to-date, back to the topic at hand…. embroidered bags.

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Food: Southern White “Sawmill” Gravy


y favorite nights are breakfast-for-dinner nights!  I must admit that these are my favorite nights for two reasons. First,  because I love breakfast food and second, because I don’t have it very often (and when I do-it’s plain ol’ cereal! And, I barely wake up with enough time to make that!)

One of my cooking weaknesses is gravy from scratch!  I can never seem to get the right, smooth consistency without making my gravy taste like flour!  But I believe I have the perfect recipe for it!

Try it and tell me how you like it!

I’ve started about 50 new projects this weekend, including making my own sewing pattern for a shirt, starting a quilted overnight bag, and I’m still trucking on that one quilt.  Oh did I mention I move in a week?  Has packing stopped me from sewing and crafting? ABSOLUTELY not.



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Sewing: Finding the pefect machine


his came about due to a question posed by a friend on my previous quilting post.  Heidi (and Phil) are friends from college, who have started their own DIY blog.  (They’re also recently engaged!!–check out their blog, there’s lots of fun stuff going on over there–like wedding planning, AHHH!)

Heidi had a few questions about finding the perfect machine, for lighter sewing and repairs as they are needed.

Although I’m a little partial to my machine (hey, I have to be, because it can read this and you never know when those things are going to revolt)–there are many great options out there.  [The opinions are all mine–everyone’s got one, and this is my blog, so here you go!]

Not too long ago I was in the same [preverbal] boat as Heidi.  She wants a sewing machine, that isn’t too expensive, that won’t break within a year of purchasing it.

[Let me be honest with you for a minute.  The finale of American Idol is on.. and I write about 5 words and then get distracted… so if this doesn’t make any sense… then I’m sorry–deal with it!]

Here’s my beauty, I call her Victoria.

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