Craft: Foam Stamps

Between spending time with the bf’s family over the new year, a bit of shopping (for both vintage things and supplies) this is the first opportunity I’ve gotten to blog!

So, Happy 2012, to you and yours! [Here’s to an eventful, action-packed, and creative new year!]

I’ve actually had this ready to post for a while, just forgot!!

Sometime soon, I want to share the cute, old-school friendship bracelets I made, the modern, [faux] leather computer case with vintage touches that I am just finishing up, and some new ideas to include in my Etsy shop.

Also, how did you like those easy bracelets in the last post? I’ve found that I like to stack two or three of them to wear!

But today, we’re making foam stamps. This came about when I looked forever for a set of alphabet stamps that were first, in my price range, second, were the size I was looking for, and third, in a font that I liked. So, I resolved to making my own.

It’s a pretty simple project…

Supplies needed:

Tacky Glue
One package of foam letters
6 pieces of small foam
[I, however, used scraps that I had left over from an old project]

First I made sure I had one of each of the letters and then separated them from ones that are symmetrical and ones that will need to be flipped so that when you stamp them, they will be face the right way. For example, the letters c, i, l m, n, o, s, u, v, w, x, and z can all be used and stuck to the foam as is. But for a letter such a e, you need to remove the tacky part of the sticker back and then glue it on to the foam backwards.

Second once you have that figured out, placed the letter on a piece of foam making sure it is the correct way. I simply cut the foam around the shapes of the letters to make them stick out farther. I then placed them on a small square piece of foam that had been layered several times, so I had a strong backing to hold as I stamp away.

Last I had an extra set of letters to put on the back of each stamp so I could easily identify each one when sorting through them!


Now does anyone have a good storage solution for stamps??

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