Craft: Simple Beaded Bracelets

What a week it has been to get sick.  I hate being sick. Especially when I have all of these wonderful craft and sewing projects floating around my brain… and then when I tell my brain to make my body go and try them out… it says No. It actually says “Heck no techno, you crazy?”  So I’ve been lying on the couch watching Gilmore Girls, Six Feet Under and pinning all of those cute projects on Pinterest. La Sigh.

[Side note: Speaking of Six Feet Under.. What a wonderful show.  I spent much my evening last night balling my eyes out while watching the last few episodes in the last season. I love love love how they wrapped the show up… but no spoilers here. If you haven’t, watch it.  In the process of my obsession, I own all five seasons. So. Good.]

However, these are the cute, simple bracelets I made tonight.  [If I can do it while I’m loaded up on cough syrup and Tylenol… you can do it too!]


The black string can be found in the jewelry section at any arts and craft store that carries jewelry making supplies–it’s a waxed string.  Because it’s waxed, it makes it really easy to work with.

The colored string is embroidery floss. It’s not ideal, when trying to work with it, as it fray’s apart easily, but it makes for a pretty finished product!

I tied a few knots, threaded some small beads on and tied them off.

Some of the bracelets, I simple anchored the string on either side of a small metal loop and tied the ends off.  [The loops I found at Hobby Lobby–I think they came in a package of like 5 or 6 together, pretty reasonably priced.]

The hardest part for me, was making a square knot once the bracelet is completely finished so you can make it completely adjustable. [On the colored bracelets at the bottom, it’s the part that you can’t see in detail, so it looks like a regular knot.]

Tying this knot is helpful (not completely necessary) because it helps you get it on and off easier and holds everything in place.

After your bracelet is complete, hold the two ends together, overlapping, cut and additional piece of corresponding string [you could mix it up and use a contrasting string color as well] about 5  inches long.

Tie a regular knot around both ends, securing them in place together. [However, when you pull on the strings, they should move in either direction.]

Next you’ll tie a series of three square knots.  Here’s a diagram to help you tie a square knot…

[I borrowed this image from here. I tried my best to make an original illustration, or even to take pictures, neither worked out without looking like a 5 year old did them in the ‘paint’ program. Sad story.]

Anywho, tie three of those in a row [did I already say that? Whouldn’t hurt to type it again, I guess…] then flip over to the back side of the knot and secure with two plain ‘ol knots. If using the wax string, the wax should hold everything together, if using the embroidery floss, finish the knot with a drop of glue that will dry clear.

Easy Peasy. If you make any, I’d love it if you shared some photos with me.. if you’re in love with them as much as I am, but you’re not up for the crafting adventure, you will find a few of these up in my Etsy store soon.

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