Notes: Wrapping up twenty-eleven

The holidays were wonderful.

Mostly, I got to visit home (Columbus, Ohio) for a week.  It’s been a while since I spent that long at home–so it was nice to have a bit of time to see everyone and visit–without having to turn around a leave in such a short amount of time.

I did some shopping, wrapping, crafting, celebrating, and even got some time to snoop around in my grandma’s sewing stash–which has been untouched for a while.  I found some sewing books from the 60’s, some great vintage fabric and old sewing notions. It made me happy.

I also got a chance to make nice with my grandma’s sewing machine, also from the late 60’s.  We became quick friends–it still works wonderfully and I loved it.  I honestly think I made my current sewing machine jealous.  [I think they’re-sewing machines, that is-like dogs, they can smell the scent of another sewing machine on you when you get home.] I hope this doesn’t cause any problems…

Once my family found out I was coming home for a significant amount of time and I have gotten all crafty and junk while I’ve been away–I had a pile of projects for myself once I got home–including a computer sleeve for my mom’s new computer, a sleeve for my brother’s girlfriend’s Kindle, and a new slip-cover/sleeve for my brother’s bullet-resistant vest. Oy Vey!

Here are some photos from my journey home…


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[Some of my other adventures included Chipotle, Skyline Chili, finding beautiful electric pattern clippers, lots of presents, the absolutely beautiful Christmas Corner at the State Auto building, I dyed my hair, got a trophy for 10th place at the trivia finals, and had a Lee Clarion Alumni reunion in Nashville!]

Did I mention I had a wonderful Christmas surprise waiting on me when I got back to Tennessee?


My lovely boyfriend surprised me with this antique sewing cabinet that I fell in love with when I was antiquing with some friends a few weeks back. He tracked it down, bought it, and wrapped it up for me while I was in Ohio.

I did a bit of research on it–the tag says it was made in Indiana.  The cabinet is by Caswell-Runyan Co “Perfect Sewing Cabinet” Patent no. 116985.  Made sometime in the 1940’s. And it’s pretty. Really, really pretty.  I haven’t quite moved it out of my living room yet. I have a bit of ‘moving-around’ to do in my craft/sewing room to find the perfect place for it!

All-in-all, the holiday’s were chaos, but they were great.

Did I mention that I opened my Etsy shop earlier this month?  Now that my stock is down after the holidays–it’s time to give it a little tlc and add a few items.  A few more homemade items will be added this week, as well as some vintage finds.  Spread the word!

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One Response to Notes: Wrapping up twenty-eleven

  1. Sagira says:

    I’m sad I didn’t get to see you. 😦 Happy New Year Michelle. 🙂

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