Sewing: Finishing-up a quilt

emember this quilt I started working on long time ago?

Well, just a few months later [or six months…] I finished it up!

In the middle of unpacking my crafting supplies, I came across all of the blocks that I had cut–many of which I had already sewed as well.

Good thing I had that previous blog post as a reminder, because I didn’t even remember my plans for the quilt!

I finished up all of the blocks, then arranged them in a random pattern, with 4 blocks across by 6 blocks long.  The finished quilt measures about 45″ x 60″.  It’s a gift for my 5-year-old nephew.


The backing is just simple cozy black fabric and I chose to bind it in red.  The red is perfect.

On another note, this was my first quilt trying out free motion quilting.  The task was a bit daunting, especially since I have looked at many quilts, read many FMQ blogs, and watched countless tutorials–and it didn’t turn out perfect [a bit disappointing because I’m a perfectionist!].  But you always have to have your first FMQ and for a first, all-in-all I’m pleased.  The whole concept was a bit hard to get used to!

On to my next! I went Black Friday fabric shopping for the first time–so I’m knee deep in my next quilt… and I’m super excited about it!

Have any advice for an ambitious, perfectionist, newbie? I love some advice! 🙂

I’m linking this blog post up to Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.  [It’s one of the first quilting blogs I found when I started and I’ve followed it since! 🙂 ]

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2 Responses to Sewing: Finishing-up a quilt

  1. Leslie says:

    That will be a great quilt for him! free motion quilting is a lot of fun but I always get stressed doing it!

  2. Sagira says:

    That looks great Michelle! 🙂

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