Craft: Refinishing a Storage Trunk


Again, although I don’t quite have time to do ‘craft’ projects much right now.. I always seem to make time.. even if that means, scarficing the important things like eating sleeping.

Unfortunately, my craft room is still nice and boxed up, along with my work-in-progress fabric and my beloved Victoria.

In one of my ventures last week, I was destined to turn this little gem of Micah’s into something that was worth looking at.

[Sorry for the washed out picture, operator flash error.]

You see, I like decorations.  Well, I mean Micah does too i think.  Micah prefers functionality, while I prefer for it to be pretty [Ok, and functional, but I don’t mind something sitting on my bookshelf for display, because it’s pretty, while, Micah doesn’t see the purpose.]

Enter this giant camo-trunk. [I’m not saying any more. I prefer not to offend anyone.  However, my friend Heidi drilled a few fashion/pattern rules in my brain. No. Camo. Let alone this 80’s fabric camo covered trunk…]

Micah and I agreed we were determined to resurface this thing somehow!

These were the many ideas that ran through our minds…
-Spray paint it.
-Use interior oil-based paint to paint it.
-Remove camo-fabric and paint it.
Put new fabric on it.
-Remove fabric, fill gaps and then paint it.

After several trips to Lowe’s, we found a method that worked, and turned out decent.

Here’s what we did:

1. Removed fabric. We decided not to remove the hardware, because, honestly, I think it was the only thing holding these cheap pieces of plywood together.  We used an X-Acto knife to get around the edges, and all in all, the fabric pulled off pretty easily.

2. Sand it down, spackle it. Because we saw the terrible quality of the wood underneath, and pulling the fabric off left a few gaps and wood sticking every which way, we decide to quickly sand down all of the surfaces. Then using a small amount of spackling, we made sure we filled all of the deep holes in the wood… making it a bit more evened out.

3. Spray paint it. Then we took the thing outside and spray painted it, over all of the hardware and everything!

If we knew what we were doing at the start of the project, it would have only taken a couple of hours (plus drying time) and under $10 bucks, but instead it took us about a week and a few tanks of running back and forth to Lowe’s and between $15-$20 in failed materials!

How do you like it? Micah and I both agreed that we kinda like the wood grain, it gives the spray paint a glossier finish in some areas and it’s more Matte in others–It gives it great texture!

On to the next project!

Have you ever refinished a box trunk? Did you use a different method? Any suggestions for me for next time? Do you think we screwed it up?

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One Response to Craft: Refinishing a Storage Trunk

  1. Sagira says:

    I like it Michelle! 🙂

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