Craft: Hand Embroidered Bags


‘ve been super busy, between moving, still starting/continuing about 80 billion other craft ideas and trying to keep up on my blog.  Honestly, I wanted to write this post last night, but I chose sleep–It is the most important time of the day, afterall.

Anywho, I figure I’ll give you a quick rundown of everything I’m working on… (I honestly think it’s more for my sanity and organization than it is for you to worry about… but it also gives you a little sneaky peek!)
-I’m making my first shirt, which I made a pattern from scratch. (Inspired by this.)
-A quilted overnight bag with uber cute fabric. (Made using this pattern.)
-My oldest nephews quilt, as previously blogged about, here.

-I’m working on making this super cute floor pillows for my new townhouse (Inspired by this.)

…and don’t worry. I’m still cooking away!  (Except for this week… it’s focused on the move so I’ll be making quick-microwaveable-meals, I’m sure. However, I do have stuff in the fridge for another breakfast-for-dinner feast. Annnnnd I just may whip up some of this to complete the feast!).

Ok. Now that I’m organized you’re up-to-date, back to the topic at hand…. embroidered bags.

(Sorry about my finger in the last picture… it was late… ok?)

I got my inspiration for this gift idea by seeing the super cute picture of it on Pinterest (great site. I ❤ it!) The original blog and the inspiration for the doily print can be found, here.

Ok, lets start with the materials I used.  The things I had to buy were minimal–most I already had on hand because of the crafter-in-me. I bought some canvas bags, with a little color around the edges at Hobby Lobby, along with a package of paper doilies (found in the caking-making-section, that’s the official name, really!) and a package of very thin ribbon. (And I have a feeling, it’ll last for a while, I’ve already made four bags and It’s not where near the end of the roll!)

The things I had on hand was the red acrylic craft paint, and a package of rather large, oversized needles. (You want your needles to be big enough to not only hold the ribbon, but stand up to the canvas.)

I used the doily as the pattern of the “circle,” I simply laid it over the canvas and them painted over it with a sponge (craft brush thingy), just like any stencil–then peeled it off and threw it away! (Yay no clean up!)

I used pencil and lightly drew out the letters and then starting from the back, I stitched in-and-out around the letter, when I got to the end, I stitched in-and-out the reverse way, so the letter was solid.  After that I wove the ribbon through each stitch over the top, so it would give it a more solid-completed look.

(The stitching process was hard to explain, as you can see by all of my super technical terms used.)

I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial, if you make one, I’d love to see it! If you have questions, as always, I’d love to help answer them.

…now back to packing sewing.

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