Notes: It’s time…


‘m not one for change, however, it’s time for a little blog-y change-y!

You see, the inspiration for this blog was my new-found-love for cooking.  The problem–I have a new-found-love of lots of things these days.

I’ve always been the “crafter.” I’m not sure where I got my crafty, do-it-yourself side.  My siblings could care less about learning how to make earrings, journals and sitting down to quilt.  However, I can’t imagine not crafting.

I read several craft and quilting blogs.  These have given me the inspiration to turn my blog into everything I want it to be.

So this begins the evolution of Mich’s Kitsch.

I want to expand my horizons to incorporate my love of crafting and old-lady-ness.   Honestly, I’m the only 23-year-old I know that loves to quilt and bake.  I’m a 70-year-old retired woman trapped in a 23-year-old’s body!

I fact, I think I may have more old-lady tendencies than my lovely 70-year-old Mamaw–but I can guarantee my Mamaw can’t blog like I can! (However, my old lady tendencies are besides the point!)

Ok, enough of my old-lady tendencies.

The fact of the matter is, I’ve started so many new adventures, I can’t seem to get a grip on what I really want to do.  So this is where I’m beginning.

I’m transforming Mich’s Kitsch into a blog about what I love the most:

  1. Food–well, cooking food
  2. Crafting–scrapbooking, making cards, jewelry making, and homemade giftsˆ
  3. Sewing–and my new found love for quilting to be exact

For now, its go with the flow and see where this goes.  (haha. That rhymes. Didn’t do that on purpose!)

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One Response to Notes: It’s time…

  1. Sagira says:

    I would love to learn how to make jewelry so if you ever want to show me… let me know. 🙂

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