Craft: Foam Stamps

Between spending time with the bf’s family over the new year, a bit of shopping (for both vintage things and supplies) this is the first opportunity I’ve gotten to blog!

So, Happy 2012, to you and yours! [Here’s to an eventful, action-packed, and creative new year!]

I’ve actually had this ready to post for a while, just forgot!!

Sometime soon, I want to share the cute, old-school friendship bracelets I made, the modern, [faux] leather computer case with vintage touches that I am just finishing up, and some new ideas to include in my Etsy shop.

Also, how did you like those easy bracelets in the last post? I’ve found that I like to stack two or three of them to wear!

But today, we’re making foam stamps. This came about when I looked forever for a set of alphabet stamps that were first, in my price range, second, were the size I was looking for, and third, in a font that I liked. So, I resolved to making my own.

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Craft: Simple Beaded Bracelets

What a week it has been to get sick.  I hate being sick. Especially when I have all of these wonderful craft and sewing projects floating around my brain… and then when I tell my brain to make my body go and try them out… it says No. It actually says “Heck no techno, you crazy?”  So I’ve been lying on the couch watching Gilmore Girls, Six Feet Under and pinning all of those cute projects on Pinterest. La Sigh.

[Side note: Speaking of Six Feet Under.. What a wonderful show.  I spent much my evening last night balling my eyes out while watching the last few episodes in the last season. I love love love how they wrapped the show up… but no spoilers here. If you haven’t, watch it.  In the process of my obsession, I own all five seasons. So. Good.]

However, these are the cute, simple bracelets I made tonight.  [If I can do it while I’m loaded up on cough syrup and Tylenol… you can do it too!]

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Notes: Wrapping up twenty-eleven

The holidays were wonderful.

Mostly, I got to visit home (Columbus, Ohio) for a week.  It’s been a while since I spent that long at home–so it was nice to have a bit of time to see everyone and visit–without having to turn around a leave in such a short amount of time.

I did some shopping, wrapping, crafting, celebrating, and even got some time to snoop around in my grandma’s sewing stash–which has been untouched for a while.  I found some sewing books from the 60’s, some great vintage fabric and old sewing notions. It made me happy.

I also got a chance to make nice with my grandma’s sewing machine, also from the late 60’s.  We became quick friends–it still works wonderfully and I loved it.  I honestly think I made my current sewing machine jealous.  [I think they’re-sewing machines, that is-like dogs, they can smell the scent of another sewing machine on you when you get home.] I hope this doesn’t cause any problems…

Once my family found out I was coming home for a significant amount of time and I have gotten all crafty and junk while I’ve been away–I had a pile of projects for myself once I got home–including a computer sleeve for my mom’s new computer, a sleeve for my brother’s girlfriend’s Kindle, and a new slip-cover/sleeve for my brother’s bullet-resistant vest. Oy Vey!

Here are some photos from my journey home…

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Sewing: Check another quilt off of the list

This quilt went so fast, I haven’t had time to blog about the “in-between” steps!

I made this cute little white and teal quilt for my almost 3-year-old nephew… and he likes trains.

I’ll be honest, I started out with zero inspiration… and not a lot of fabric to work with.  So I went with a simple block and when I finished it up, it looked a little plain.

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Sewing: Finishing-up a quilt

emember this quilt I started working on long time ago?

Well, just a few months later [or six months…] I finished it up!

In the middle of unpacking my crafting supplies, I came across all of the blocks that I had cut–many of which I had already sewed as well.

Good thing I had that previous blog post as a reminder, because I didn’t even remember my plans for the quilt!

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Slacker, Slacker, Slacker…

A girls gotta have some accountability, right?

Between moving, then getting my wisdom teeth pulled, then going on an almost-two-week vacation, then sitting for a week in pain, then having 3 root canals, then none of them healing properly, then taking many pain-killers and three 2-week rounds of antibiotics, then somehow scratching my eye–which made me blind for 3 days, then to me getting a sinus infection–I just haven’t been able to catch a break…

but I do need a few more excuses for not blogging, right?

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Sewing: New fabric


I took a trip to JoAnn fabrics over the weekend and came across my new fabric obsession.

Both good and bad for me, I found it on the remnant rack. Bad, the small swatch of fabric was only 2\3 yard and it’s all I could find!! Good for me, it was over half off the regular price per yard!

Now that part I was hoping you could help me out with… What should I use it for? Quilting? A pillow? Binding? A bag? Oh the choices….

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